Australian Rules Football: Where Even The Referees Will Hurt You

We all have watched or at least loved to watch the Australian Rules Football match. And it is quite evident that it is a violent sport. But did you know that the sport could sometimes turn out to be so violent that even the referees could hurt you?

The story we are going to tell you might sound funny but a referee proved to be violent in one of the matches. In an under-18 age group preseason game between the University of Queensland Bulldogs and Kenmore Bears in Brisbane, Australia, a guy named Phil Tagell who was there to watch the match got into an argument with the referee. Well, he ended up receiving a nice punch from the referee.

Well, that was the funny part but what feels bad is the fact that the guy who was punched was 61 years old while the referee was 39 years old. Getting punched by such a healthy young adult, the 61-year-old undoubtedly was pretty much injured.

According to the reports, he not only had facial injuries but also had around 2.5 inches long fractures on the back of his skull. Fortunately, the man is till alive. Following his recovery, when asked about the incident, Tagell stated,

I have been told by several people to be glad that I’m still alive, because apparently the punch was so good I was unconscious from the moment I was touched. I then did a dead fall backwards onto the concrete where I did most of the damage. I’ve had bleeding and cranial fluid pouring out of my ear and I can’t hear in one ear.

Fortunately, the referee was not Ed Hochuli or the injury would have been far more severe.

Coming on to the legalities, the referee was charged with one count of assault occasioning bodily harm. Also, he had to step down from his position as a referee. The chief executive of AFL Queensland Richard Griffiths said,

“Because of the police investigation, we both agreed it was in his best interest and the game’s best interest that he doesn’t umpire from this point onwards. We are very concerned of the nature of the incident.”